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Technology at Optimus Golf Performance OGP Hong Kong

Putt Better with CAPTO

Our Performance Coaches  are equipped with Capto, a cutting edge putting analysis system offering real-time detailed accurate and reliable putting parameters for complete analysis. 

James Jankowski

Specialist PGA Putting Coach

“Not only does CAPTO gather almost all conceivable data for the putting stroke, it breaks the entire stroke down, making it easier to identify problem areas. This makes my job as a putting coach far easier...  I fully believe in the philosophies and principles applied in the development of CAPTO."

Phil Kenyon

One of the most sought-after putting coaches in the world

"Capto I believe it’s one of the most innovative putting technologies that has come to the market in the last few years. As a coach the ability to measure my students out on the green across a variety of different putts with different distances and different breaks... I think it’s invaluable!...  If you are a player that is looking to get better I definitely recommend to see a Capto Coach..."

Nathan Leonhardt

Head Coach Tour Development Academy

“I’ve always had the ability to see many faults in the putting stroke with my naked eye, but there are times that I just can’t see a certain movement happening. And I don’t ever like to guess. That’s why I love using Capto. It backs up the information I already know and then provides me with the accurate data to fill in the blanks.”

The capto device is equipped with nine measuring sensors and five calibration sensors that can measure the exact movement of the clubhead, directly measuring data to the highest tolerances so you can improve, Simply attaching the device onto your putter shaft to start tracking all the related data accurately.

Understand precisely how the putter is moving in 3D and view the putting stroke from every conceivable angle. As well as seeing the sweet spot and rotational putt planes, 3D Motion allows us to understand the exact movements of the putter, in 3D, at every moment of the stroke. Stunning visuals and precise measurements provide unparalleled feedback.

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