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Who is Club Fitting For?



Beginner/Higher Handicapper

Custom Fittings are not just for "good" players. Custom Fittings help golfers regardless of skill level and is particularly effective for beginners/higher handicappers. Clubs that are not properly fitted or off-the-rack clubs can hinder improvement as swing flaws develop as you try to match your clubs.



Custom Club Fitting includes first measuring a golfer's physical characteristics and using computerised equipment, capturing important swing data. This data allows us to design or modify golf clubs so that they can match your unique attributes. Properly fitted clubs can help improve confidence and swing mechanics.



Clubs grow together with us as we improve as golfers. Golf is a game of misses and every little bit matters. As we gain speed and fine-tune our technique whether around the greens, on approach or off the tee, we may find that our clubs need to be tweaked to dial-in the numbers or feel we seek.

Ping S159 Tour Wedge OGP

Custom Club Fitting

At Optimus Golf Performance, we utilise cutting edge launch monitor technology, advanced software, and high speed cameras, to accurately measure your current equipment and find the best combination from our extensive selection of fitting options to improve your performance.

We aim to build you a custom set of clubs unique to your requirements and make the game of golf enjoyable for you, no matter your age or ability.

Retro Fitting

Over time, the specification of your clubs through wear and tear or even yourself as a player can change. Your fitted set of clubs may no longer be suited to you. This can negatively affect your dispersion. Retro-fitting takes your current equipment and adjusts it to your current game to make sure you get the most out of it. This is a cheaper option to get better mileage out of your exisitng equipment. All aspects of your clubs are covered in our retro-fitting service including: Loft, Lie, Shaft Length, Shaft flex, Grip size/type, Club Gapping

Golf Club Fitting Data and Statistics OGP

Junior Club Fitting

Junior players often outgrow the lofts and lies, the weight of the head, flex of the shaft, and length of the club. Some players may also purchase a set of clubs that may be too long or stiff for them, and hope they will "grow into" them. iGEN Golf is the only junior forged irons & wedges with adjustable weight system. They can be adjusted over-time to adjust to their strength & growth.

Putter Fitting

The Array Putter line provides golfers with the ability to roll a putter optimized to their aim bias and stroke type. The options are endless with:

  • Four distinct head shapes

  • Five putter head weights

  • Four interchangeable hosels

  • Innovative grip options

  • Multiple alignment options

  • Left-handed models

We utilise the SAM PuttLab, the world's leading putt analysis system, to help analyze the movement of your putter at the smallest details. ​

Edel Array Putters Roll it Your Way OGP
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