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About Us Optimus Golf Performance

A letter
from our

Mark Smith

Welcome to Optimus Golf Performance.

I am delighted that you are considering entrusting in our skills and services to help you either get the best start in the game or to help you elevate your game to the next level and beyond. 


We are here to help you maximise your enjoyment as well as to help you reach your personal golfing goals and aspirations in an express, friendly and timely manner however big or small they may be! 


With Optimus Golf Performance, I'm proud that I now have the opportunity to share my wealth of knowledge to the next generation of coaches here in Hong Kong. 


It's our Vision at OGP to provide training "under one roof" where we avoid the breakdown in communication between the entire professional team supporting you as a golfer, including golf equipment technicians and personal trainers to provide the most holistic approach to golf learning and game improvement possible in Hong Kong. 


Our purpose-built, state of the art 5300 sq/ft performance centre houses industry leading technology for your maximum efficiency. It's our promise to continue to provide you all with the best. 

We look forward to seeing you soon and relish the opportunity of being part of your golfing journey. 

Optimus Golf Performance Logo

Mission Statement
OGP was born out of a simple idea: to help golfers perform at their highest level. We are committed to bring the best to our clients and our staff alike, and to enable our coaches to coach without compromise. We envision to build a golfing community that can continue to challenge each other, and continue to elevate each other in pursuit of higher quality golf.

Our Performance Pyramid
We are here to serve our clients holistically in what we consider are the 3 foundations to performing at one’s highest level. By addressing these foundations individually and collectively as a team, we believe we can help you unleash your true potential. 



Strength &


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