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Optimus Golf Performance OGP Technology
Big Tilt Optimus Golf Putting



A complete putting training solution that will help you develop green reading skills and a Make-it-mindset by training your feel and vision on various slopes form 0% to 5%



Train on the Big Tilt to improve your accuracy and consistency in aim, stroke path, and distance control, in a controlled environment



Whether you are a beginner or an accomplished professional, it is an ideal tool to reproduce real-life situations, build-up confidence and transfer your confidence to the course.

"Golf is a unique game and putting represents the most significant opportunity for players to improve their score. 45% of the strokes that we take are strokes made with a putter!"
Cameron McCormick, golf coach of Jordan Spieth

At OGP, one of our concepts is to help players most effectively transfer their performance from practise to on-course situations. We are equipped with the Big Tilt XL Pro with the Well-Line projection System by Wellputt – a hydraulically controlled putting platform which is 5.2M x 2.9M with the option to tilt up to 5% to simulate different slopes and breaks.

If you are serious about lowering your scores, this training solution may just be the game-changer you've been looking for.

Big Tilt Optimus Golf Putting


The Well-Line projection system is a putting training program with tour-level drills to upscale your skills, assisted by light projections, which indicate ideal lines of break, start line, target line, and more. 

Visualisation and percerption are linked to successful putting performances. You must read the sloe accurately, see your line clearly, and then trust what your eyes are telling you to impart the required touch for a successful putt. Develop your proficiency in both of these vital areas with visual markers to improve your muscle memory. As you match the ideal pace to the break, your confidence will increase as you hear the ball strike the back of the cup, allowing you to take your performance to the course.

Big Tilt XL Pro Putting Speed and Line OGP


-         Dial-in Tour Level distance control

-         Develop aiming precision

-         Learn the ways of the slopes

-         Tune your body to feel and your eyes to see

-         Learn to perform under time pressure

-         Enjoy games in single & multiplayer modes

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