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Our ​indoor golf simulators leverage state-of-the-art technology to simulate the outdoor golfing experience indoors. At OGP, our simulators integrate wide screens (at least 3.6m wide), optimal lighting, high-speed cameras, and ground sensors to provide golf enthusiasts with the optimal experience for skill improvement

OGP Co-Founder Frank Ho Golf


Controlled enviroment

Simulators at OGP allows the golfer to scrutinize and refine their technique without external factors (pressure, weather, lie, etc.) in a perfectly controlled environment. When you see a ball curve left, it is not because of wind above the tree-line, but purely from the spin axis of the ball.

Analyzing and Strategizing

Understanding data-supported shot patterns and tendencies, and applying that knowledge to experience various courses from around the world, can help the golfer analyze and strategize better for their on-course rounds.

Swing Refinement

Simulators at OGP enable players to receive accurate ball trajectory and swing data as well as real-time video feedback, which can help in the refinement of their mechanics.

Year-round Practice

Consistency is key to maintain muscle memory. Golfers may lose touch due to lack of regular practice. OGP offers the opportunity to practice swings and shots, enforcing muscle memory regardless of weather conditions.


​At OGP, we coach players in the bays and in the gym from various playing abilities from complete beginners to National Players and Tour Professionals. What they all have in common is the desire to play better golf. Birds of a feather flock together. At OGP you'll find yourself in the company of golfers with the same goal as yourself who may be able to share their wisdom and experience on their road to better golf.       


Operation36 GSPro OGP Beginners Golf


GSPro x Operation 36 guides beginners on their first 9-hole round in a fun and motivating way! It's a first step to becoming a skilled golfer! 



Practice golf at any time. Refine your swing in a controlled environment with precise data and real-time feedback on camera and from the ground up! Send your coach videos, so that your coach may provide valuable insight into your practise and be a part of your development.

Course Practice OGP Hong Kong

Friends and Families

Each of our bays accomodate up to 3 players while our rooms accomodate up to 4 players. Hong Kong has some great courses around but the busy bees will find it much easier to squeeze a round of golf in at OGP, even after work! Get a round of golf in with friends and family regardless of weather conditions in the heart of Hong Kong!

Advanced Ball Fitting or Gapping Analysis OGP


Tracking critical metrics such as clubhead speed, ball flight, spin rate, swing path, spin axis, impact location can help you further refine your game. Not to mention with the help of gapping and dispersion analysis you can better understand your shot pattern and make better choices on course to keep the scores in check even on a bad swing day.

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