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Strength & Conditioning

Swing Faster, Score Lower – Strength & Conditioning is where it all begins

Strength & Conditioning

“We don’t believe there is one way to swing a club, we believe there are an infinite number of ways to swing a club. But we do believe that there is one efficient way for everyone to swing a club and it is based on what they can physically do.” - Titleist Performance Institute

At OGP, TPI’s philosophy on what an elite golf swing should be strongly resonates with us.

Each golfer is different, their different lifestyles can over time, to varying degrees, cause them to lose the necessary skills, movement patterns, neurological fine-tuning and musculature that allow them to swing the golf club more efficiently from the ground up.
To teach all players to be in certain positions in their swing just like the Pros do surely cannot make sense. Remember, these Pros are professional athletes.
“Working out has always been a part of my job and I love it. To play at the highest level, it’s a non-negotiable part of my daily training program.” – Brooks Koepka

What then?
When students enroll in our Swing and Biomechanical Analysis, they are met by our Fitness Professionals who will perform a physical screening to help identify faulty stability patterns, altered mobility, and muscle imbalances that can impact their ability to swing the club efficiently.
Our Fitness Specialist will then share their findings with the Golf Professional, who can have a full picture of the students’ physical limitations, and adjust their expectation and training method accordingly. On the other hand, we are also here to help our students regain their athleticism to swing the club at their true potential, with power and accuracy.

“Your best chance at having that ball end up where you want it is to make sure that the body swinging the club is capable of playing that shot.” – Butch Harmon

Golf-specific training does NOT necessarily mean every exercise has to mimic the swing. 80% of golf injuries are overuse-related. As golfers, we spend hours, days, and even years rotating through one movement, in one direction. The purpose of S&C is not to increase your risk of injury.

A well-structured training program must first be Species-Specific before Sports-Specific. We must first get you to be able to move your body the way our bodies are intended to move. Then we can proceed to make you stronger, to allow for even greater rate of force development later on. This is why we employ an integrated training approach.

How is OGP’s training any different?
At OGP, our goal is to unleash your full potential, we are here to work with you to fundamentally change what you can physically do.

Our approach is based on Science.
Our trainers employ an integrated training approach to improve all components necessary for an athlete to perform at the highest level and prevent injury by focusing on developing functional strength and neuromuscular efficiency.

How can OGP’s training help prevent injuries?
Despite popular image of golf as a “casual” sport, it is one of the higher injury-producing sports played worldwide at both amateur and professional levels. A golf swing is a highly complex movement, it occurs in multiple planes of motion in our entire human movement system. Traditional strength and conditioning exercises occur in a single plane with primary focus on concentric force production. Our trainers, whilst working together with our highly experienced golf professionals, will help you develop a multiplanar (or multidirectional) training program to increase golf performance, reduce the risk of injury and keep you playing golf safer and longer.

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